About Bone Dry Dog Coats

The concept of high-end dog coats at an affordable price came from a previous involvement of my wife and myself, for many years, in a business concerned with the cleaning and repair of horse rugs which provided some experience of the sewing techniques involved. During this period the purchase of bankrupt stock from a horse rug cleaning competitor included a quantity of high quality waxed cotton and cotton moleskin fabric. It seemed a logical step to apply the sewing techniques and skills of the workers we employed in mending horse rugs, to the waxed cotton and moleskin that had come to hand to make warm, waterproof, outdoor dog coats for some of the seven dogs we had living with us at that time.

Accordingly, as an experiment, coats were manufactured, made to measure actually, for a whippet and a Jack Russell terrier. These proved to fit well, provide good cold and wet weather protection, look stunning in the combination of the two fabrics chance had brought to hand and which were found to actually improve with wear. When demonstrated to dog owners from among our horse rug customers these coats were much admired, including by hard-nosed, practical shooting men not much given to pampering their animals.

The outer shell of a Bone Dry Dog Coat is tailored from traditional, British, waxed cotton, which has had a world-wide reputation for wind and rain resistance for over one hundred and fifty years. This fabric moulds to the wearer over time, “drapes” nicely for stylish good looks, looks better with time, and is highly durable in use, providing many years of service with regular simple maintenance.

The lining is cut from sumptuous, British, heavyweight moleskin, which is both warm and comfortable and which gives the garment “body” for a better fit.

All of the materials for Bone Dry Dog Coats, even down to the thread, are supplied by long established  British manufacturers benefiting from generations of experience and twenty first century technology. The combination of quality fabrics, excellent design, meticulous cut and skilled tailoring in Britain give Bone Dry Dog Coats their distinctively superior, classic appearance.

In the unlikely event that a Bone Dry customer would want to return an item, our totally unconditional, no-quibble, full refund returns policy on any defect of either material used or tailoring quality, is subject only on the garment being returned unworn and in as new condition within twenty eight days of receipt.