Sunday 30th December 2018

December 30, 2018 | Barrie North

Denise and I took my two grandsons, Rowen aged 9 and Luke aged 6, to the see Aladdin last Friday. Great boys (yeah I know, of course I would say that) and each special in their own way. Ro is so centered for a boy of his age, quite at home in his own skin but gentle and kind; he will be a good friend to have as he grows up. Luke, though, is harder to read. Quite a toughie and obstinate when he wants to be. Utterly charming of course, well I guess they both are, but Luke is someone special. Special in what way though only time will tell. 

The pantomime was great. Staged in a small town Civic Hall with an audience of maybe three hundred. The cast of eight (six principals and two dancing girls) were simply terrific. Outstanding was a young comic actor called George Knapper. Looking like a younger version of Lee Ingleby, but with a sense of humour, I shall look out for this guy. With a bit of luck he may go far. For all of the cast it must take some commitment to tour during the festive season, playing to small audiences and staying in hotels. Anyway, I’m glad they do it. 

A peculiar tradition panto. An overall sense of humour appropriate for young kids, spiked with dirty jokes for adults. However I enjoyed it and the boys thought it was a hoot.

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