Wednesday 2nd January 2019

January 3, 2019 | Barrie North

If you are reading this then a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours.

In an attempt to make my own New Year somewhat more prosperous I am now advertising my Dog Walking Accessories (collars, leads, and shortly harnesses) on Ebay and Etsy. Available currently in Shocking Pink with Rose Gold metal fittings and in Royal Blue with brass metal fittings and at a competitive price I cannot commend them too highly. Politicians say that in the Commons don’t they, when they are introducing a bill and of course they would wouldn’t they. I guess I would as well regarding my products but actually I really mean it. Anyway, there they are on the website, so do have a look.

Listing a product on Ebay was pretty straight forward but unfortunately Etsy was suffering from a bug on New Years day. It was eventually identified that Etsy’s IT team had not informed the programme that it was New Years Day and the programme apparently believed that time had come to a stop. However, being possessed of an unswerving faith in computers, I stupidly assumed that the problem lay in some error of mine. For over four hours I believed that the fault lay with me before discovering, in one of Etsy’s user forums, what the cause was.

Faith shattered, half a day wasted.







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