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  • Embroidered Collar

Dog Collar


The law requires a tag on all dogs detailing the owner's name and address. Having your details embroidered on the collar helps you meet this requirement!
There is a maximum of 16 letters/spaces for embroidered text. This is usually sufficient for a phone number. We'll use the information you enter here to produce the best possible look for the collar.
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Should you have arrived directly on this page, say from a Google search, we would repeat the message on the previous page that these accessories come in several sizes, and have the important advantage of the collar being embroiderable in the wording of your choice, so, no more lost dog tags. As the “Control of Dogs Order 1992” states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including post Code) of the owner, this is an important consideration. His is produced in Royal Blue with brass plated fittings throughout, quite a martial look. Hers comes in Shocking Pink with Rose Gold fittings throughout and even with our brand label in pink, all very feminine.

Priced at only a little more than an ordinary collar and of a very superior quality these dog walking accessories are a bargain.


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